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How Does It Work? All your questions answered here!

What is In the Stacks?

We are a facilitated book salon.  In the Stacks will help you select your next book and will provide a Zoom space with a trained facilitator who will focus and lead your book dialogue.  We guarantee that your book discussion will be engrossing, thought-provoking and fun!

Is it like school? 

Only if your school allowed you to talk about books in class with friends, food and drink! While of course any examination of a book would be better if you have actually read the book, there will be NO TESTS and no additional assignments.  Phew!   Come as you are, read as much as you like and enjoy your friends along with your book.

How long is a session?  

Typically our book salons are designed to last just under an hour.  The facilitated discussion will be stimulating and the time will simply fly by.  As we anticipate that you may want additional time with your friends, the session is scheduled for a full 90 minutes and the zoom room will remain open for your group’s use. 

I am interested in putting together a group.  What do I do? How many people should I invite? 

Our salons accommodate a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 participants.  Yes, we can “squeeze in just one more”, but we ask that you keep the number to under 24 participants. Maybe you would like to invite friends and family.  Have you considered a college reunion group, a couples group, or a Father-Son or Mother-Daughter gathering?  Or perhaps you would like to simply enhance your current book group.  All configurations are welcome! 

I don’t have a group, but would love to participate.  Will you host singles or smaller groups?

Yes, have no fear book lovers.  We will be putting together monthly salons for those who are individually interested or in smaller groups.  Watch our Monthly Book Salon tab for additional information and sign ups.

Do you do one-off sessions?  Or must we commit to a series?

Yes, we can accommodate single sessions.  Consider us for a Reunion or a Friends Night Out. 

Of course, it is easier to reserve and schedule in advance an ongoing, recurring series and we find that our participants love the commitment to read and meet at regularly scheduled intervals.

How do I choose a book? Or time? Or place?

We take all the hard work out of excellent book choices for your group by providing you with a book recommendation.  We will agree on a mutually convenient time for your salon.  The setting is our Zoom, and food or no food, libations or not, will be up to you.  All you have to do is order the book and enjoy the read!

What does it cost?

Please see our current pricing list for up-to- date price information.  Payment is due in advance of the salon’s commencement.

What types of books do you recommend?

Generally we recommend book club friendly fiction that will generate conversation.  We can work with you to pick a selection that will resonate with your group.  Reading is meant to be fun, and we aim to keep it that way!

All ages and stages are welcome. We do not discriminate on any basis - you belong if you want to read and discuss.

In the Stacks with Linda makes Reading a Party!!!

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